11:38 | 21st March 2019

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Jun 2nd: Oh Laws, you've let us down!

Apparently this is the New Politics. You the voter now have a greater responsibility to be part of the democratic process, and a responsibility to accept the coming hardships of cuts in public services.

May 7th: Well-hung Parliament

There we go, that's it, we've got the joke out of the way in the headline. If you aren't bored of the end-of-the-pier humour of hung (phnar, phnar!) parliament jokes already, I guarantee before the day is out you will be.

Apr 26th: Is the Pink Pound dead? Er, no!

There is an article in today's Observer which proclaims that the "glow" has gone from the Pink Pound.

Apr 16th: Wooing the Voter - Shag, Marry, Kill?

Last night three men tried their hardest to become the object of your affections. You might not have noticed, but they definitely only had eyes for you.

Apr 8th: Election 2010: and they're off!

Well the worst-kept secret after Ricky Martin's sexuality has finally been revealed. The General Election will be held on 06 May after a technically short campaign, which seems to have started at least 6 months ago.


I read my 'paper this morning with an increasing sense of foreboding. The Russian Constitutional Court, it tells me, has upheld a ruling that regional laws prohibiting "propaganda of homosexuality" are perfectly fine under the Constitution of Russia.

Mar 24th: Blinded by the lights - Cameron foxed by Camera?

The world of news is a fast one nowadays. With the advent of Twitter and citizen journalism a story can take hold within minutes. It's also heralded a new era where every news outlet is fully multi-media. Tris Reid-Smith, formerly Editor of Pink Paper now overseeing a welter of Millivres titles, has done just that at Gay Times. Now the hard-hitting interviews are also available as video.

Mar 19th: Size Matters

t the risk of being deliberately flirtatious with headlines this isn't about the size of your boyfriend, your pickup truck or your credit card bill. People of Great Britain and Northern Ireland this about your patriotic (and indeed legal) duty to be counted. It is census time again, that cheerful period when your strange neighbour tries to invite herself over to help you with your census return.

Mar 9th: The business case for "coming out"

I attended the Stonewall Workplace Conference yesterday and I have to confess, even as a State Registered Cynic, I was massively inspired.

Mar 1st: Is Gordon Brown scared of the gay vote?

You may recall I recently explored whether David Cameron's commitment to LGBT rights was a Damascene conversion in his quest to be elected, or whether he was really a true believer.

Feb 18th: General Erection

Does your sexuality, or even the sex you have, affect which way your likely to vote? Do lesbians mostly vote Labour, and are the Tories the kinkiest? Yes, and no, says a recent survey by "we'll ask anybody, anything" pollsters YouGov.

Feb 15th: Lies, damn lies and statistics

It is often fascinating, and sometimes a little frightening, to see the difference between what people say and what they actually do. As a statistics geek I also find it interesting to see the differences in the results of seemingly similar surveys.

Feb 15th: The Daily Mail. Are you serious?

It’s very hard to read some of the articles in the Daily Mail, compulsory reading for reactionary “moral guardians”, without being outraged at the ill-informed bile that often graces its pages. The recent Jan Moir controversy, where she attributed Stephen Gately’s untimely death to his “lifestyle”, has been just one in a long line of filth.

Feb 15th: God Hates Lobster

Watching the ‘Boycott Maine Lobster” campaign started today on FaceBook, in response to the referendum repealing the right to same-sex marriage, has fascinated me. Who does God hate more – ‘fags’ or shellfish?

Feb 15th: Obama FAIL?

The election of Barack Obama as 44th President of the United States of America was meant to herald a new era in areas such as LGBT rights. Was American ready to welcome this or was the new chief trying to be all things to all men; promising an improvement in LGBT rights whilst assuring of his commitment to ‘family values’ and a resistance to change?

Feb 9th: Can Cameron be believed on LGBT rights?

Conservative party leader David Cameron is looking for love. From you, the LGBT people of the United Kingdom. In a series of interviews for LGBT-interest publications and national newspapers the man who might be the next Prime Minister sets out why he deserves your vote.