11:55 | 21st March 2019

Blogroll: Young and Proud Archive

Feb 15th: Friends with the Ex, “The Circle of Gay”

You come home to that one person. You call them umpteen times a day. You confide in them with all your deepest darkest secrets. That person makes you lose all inhibitions, feel happy and proud. Then one day it stops. It’s gone. You hurt as they shut the door on their way out. Shutting the door on the relationship, shutting the door on you.

Feb 15th: ‘Dar’ting

Next time you find yourself in Soho and surrounding gay bars take a little time between sipping on your beer to peer through the number of brooding men in their tank tops three sizes too small and see all those awkward ‘virgin’ gaydar dates. The first meet from net to bar.

Feb 15th: Welcome To ZooZoo

Nice afternoon, walking down the glorious Old Compton St and then you arrive at what can only be described as the watering hole. Café Nero.

Feb 15th: Karma – What a bitch!

So why is it, that after many years of living in Singley…sorry I mean, Sydney. I move back to London to find me the perfect man. Then someone comes along. Someone that I know we will work well together.