04:24 | 19th April 2019

Lifestyle: Civil Partnerships Archive

Mar 27th: An interview with Baroness Lynne Featherstone

As Minister for Equalities in the coalition government, Lynne Featherstone originated and architected the same sex marriage act (2013). She has received various accolades and awards for her work on equalities.

Aug 3rd: Bristol - PREMIER Gay Wedding Show

Great wedding show in Bristol this Sunday (8th) at the Council House. Great exhibitors with lots going on. If you're in the area pop by and have a look.

Sep 9th: Tickled Pink's: Civil Partnership Q & A

Tickled Pink magazine takes us through their vital statistics about civil partnerships by answering all those important questions from who-to-what-to-when-to-how they cover all you need to know about civil partnerships.

Jun 23rd: Star Jewellers Paints the Town ‘Ruby’ Red to Celebrate Pride London 2010

Star Jewellers is proud to support Pride London 2010 in ‘Painting the Town Red’. To mark 40 years of the Gay Liberation Front and to join in the celebrations, Star Jewellers has created a stunning ruby ring to commemorate the event.

Feb 9th: Civil partnerships - For better and for worse.

We campaigned and we got them but of course with diverse sexuality comes diverse tastes, from the surprisingly understated Elton and David nuptials to the Ellen and Portia fairytale. We have a look at the ins and outs of a civil partnership celebration and how to make it one to remember for all the right reasons.