21:33 | 25th May 2019

About us: The Pinkwire Team

Contact Details
Tel: 0207 001 0754

Director: Darren Waite

Darren Waite’s wealth of experience crosses all sectors of our ever increasing diverse communities, specialising in Marketing, PR, Advertising and Recruitment.

Darren’s background includes both online and offline marketing and PR, working with corporate blue chip clients, retail, government and charities in the UK and Internationally.

He has experience of working within groups from the LGBT sector where he sits as a board director for Pride London, the HIV sector working within the HIV services and working with community youth services as a placement officer

Darren’s turn ons:
1. The new iphone, I have just got to get one.
2. The West End on a Friday and Saturday night.
3. A warm summer’s evening on a beach at sunset.
4. A white grenache from Ernst Julio

Turn offs:
1. British Telecom: It would be, could be, might be good to talk if they ever got it right.
2. The tube network not running every weekend.
3. The long train journey back from my beach because there aren’t any beaches in East London.
4. Black Tower, what is the point?

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